Webstudio Administrator

Webstudio Administrator was created by RZS Consulting Services to help people who owns or manage small schools and dance/sports/art studios, even people giving classes at different locations struggling to keep up to date with their members and their monthly memberships, posting and managing their schedules properly, checking which member is signed for each class and itinerary, which class has more attendance than others, and more.

The time you spend on this tasks will reduce dramatically using Webstudio Administrator giving you the flexibility to run the application on the "Cloud" and managing your studio though any web browser, on your laptop, desktop, tablet or smart phone. This application can be customized for English or Spanish at the user level, making a better experience for each person using the application.

In a nutshell, Webstudio Administrator covers:

  • List of Members, allowing to keep the information updated and determine which member is active or not. In addition, it will allow to keep track of base membership, extended membership and special fees for each individual member and will allow you to quickly identify which members are pending to pay their monthly fees, including yearly registration fees based on an anniversary date. You will be able to record payments just with a couple clicks and generate electronic receipts and send them by email just with a click.
  • List of Classes, keep track of the classes offered by the studio/school and where they are taken and which members are signed for each one of them.

And More...

Webstudio runs as a services on the cloud and for a monthly or annual fee you will have your personalized access and support and you will keep receiving all update as soon as they are released.

For additional information, implementation options and pricing, please contact us and we will work with you to have a successful implementation and successful start-up.